Terms And Conditions

Terms, Conditions & Requirements

Legal Forms Holder Designation: A legal forms holder must be designated to hold (maintain) original signature documents (IRS 8850, ETA 9061, and any supporting documentation) for a period of five years from the year that the tax credit is filed by the employer. 

When your company is designated as the legal forms holder, you are authorized to enter data from original signature documents and submit this information electronically into NM WOTC Program Coordinator. 

If you choose to be designated as the legal forms holder, click checkbox below. 

If you do not choose to be designated as the legal forms holder, you will not submit data electronically. Send original signature documents (IRS 8850 ETA 9061, any supporting documentation) to NM WOTC Program Coordinator.

Terms And Conditions

Use of Department’s electronic WOTC application process requires your agreement with following terms conditions. If you are unable to certify or agree, as applicable, to each of these terms, you must instead comply with the terms applicable to mailing paper applications to the Department’s WOTC Unit. I certify that each electronic certification request I am about to submit is documented with an original, signed IRS form 8850 ETA form 9061. 

I agree to be responsible for retaining each original, signed IRS 8850 and ETA 9061 form I submit and for providing the applicable form to the Internal Revenue Service in the case of an audit. 

I agree to upload any required supporting documentation to this website.

I agree to monitor the status of these certification requests on this website. 

I understand that I will be responsible for printing my own determination letter for each certification request I submit through this website. 

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